To check validity of Maldives Certificate of Competency/ Certificate of Proficiency/ Endorsements, please visit here.


It is mandatory for all seafarers serving onboard a Maldives Ship, whether they are on the Minimum Safe Manning Certificate or not, to hold a “Continuous Discharge Certificate and Identity Document (CDC)”, also commonly known as a Discharge Book or Seaman’s book that has been issued by Marine Maldives to record their training & sea service.

A CERTIFICATE OF ENDORSEMENT (COE) and CDC shall be issued to ALL Officers holding Certificates of Competency – (CoC) and title endorsement from a “White Listed” country under Regulation I/10 of the STCW Convention 1978 as amended – whether they are listed on the Minimum Safe Manning Certificate or not – and is recommended for those Ratings holding appropriate certification from their home country or any “White Listed” country.

Attention is drawn to the Guidance Notes at the end of this notice for descriptions of Officers and Ratings and their required qualifications and duties.


The following are available by application to the Registrar or can be downloaded from this page. Examples of correctly completed Application Forms can be provided to assist you in completing a form. Incorrectly completed forms may delay your application or result in its rejection.