Ship Security Alert Systems, where these are required to be fitted to a ship, they should be programmed to initiate and transmit a ship-to-shore security alert (SSA) to the Competent Authority, this being the Company Security Officer (CSO)* responsible for the ship or an authorised third party (see below) which has been contracted by the company. The SSA should also be programmed to be sent to the Department of Maritime Affairs on email address

When received by the Competent Authority, they are to verify whether the SSA is genuine or not.

The Competent Authority should then send a further email to the Department of Maritime Affairs AND to the International Ship Registry to advise whether the SSA is genuine, a false alarm or a test message. This further email should be sent as soon as possible.


The Company Security officer should e-mail to the Department of Maritime Affairs a copy of the crew list and advise the cargo type(s) and quantity(s) on board and any other relevant information.

After receiving a message confirming that the SSA is genuine, the Department of Maritime Affairs:

  • Will access the IMO Database to establish contact details of the nearby coastal states.
  • The coastal states will be advised that a security alert has been received from the ship and the ship’s position.
  • The Director of Maritime Affairs will then liaise with the CSO, Maldives Coast Guard and coastal state for further action.
  • Type Approval of Ship Security Alert Systems

Ship Security Alert Systems (SSAS) are required to confirm to performance standards identified in SOLAS chapter XI-2 regulation 6. Standards are not to be inferior to those adopted by IMO – Resolutions MSC. 136(76), revised by MSC. 147(77), and A.694(17)

There are no provisions in SOLAS chapter XI-2 regulation 6, for Administrations to type approve systems. Merchant Shipping Administration is therefore unable to type approve any SSAS. Ship specific systems will be reviewed by the recognized organization on behalf of our Administration and approved as part of the ship’s security system verification.