Service Providers

Service Providers

Details of Service Providers can be found by following the links on the Financial Services website to Authorised Persons and to Registered Agents in Male, Maldives.

  • Service Providers can assist owner to register their ship in the Republic of Maldives International Ship Registry.
  • Service Providers can form a Maldives company which an owner can use for the Ship Registration, Ownership or Management. Full details can be obtained direct from the Service Provider.
  • Service Providers may make a charge for assisting Owners to register a ship or form a company.
  • Further details of financial and other services that a Service Provider can offer can be made by reference to the Financial Services website on the Links page or by direct application to the service provider.


Service Providers can also be appointed as a Representative Person (Maritime Resident Agent) for a ship. Maritime Resident Agents are required, as stipulated in Clause 6 of the Merchant Shipping Act for vessels with a length of 24m or more.

In the case of ships where the registered owner is a company established under the Maldives Business Ordnance, the Maritime Resident Agent is accepted as being the same of the resident agent for the company and that resident agent will need to confirm their acceptance of the appointment as MRA. This acceptance can be in the format of a letter sent directly to MSAReg within 30 days of the registration of the ship.

In other cases – Maritime Registrars are encouraged to direct their clients to service providers (law offices, company formation agents etc.) in Male, Maldives and to use those businesses as the Maritime Resident Agent. Such business will have to prove the appointment by submission of a letter/agreement/contract between themselves and the registered owner.