Port State Control

Port State Control

The head of Port State Control and supervisor service – Port Captain

The LEPL “Merchant Shipping Administration” provides state supervising and control on safety of Harbour waters by using it structural unit – port state control and supervisor service, which is led by a Harbour Master, which was appointed by an agency director. The Harbor Master could be appointed citizen of Maldives, which has an education of navigator speciality, has the total capacity of more than 3000 tons of ship captain’s rank and working as a captain for at least 12 month of Sea Service experience. Therefore, port state control and supervisor service includes next positions:

a) Harbor Master

b) Harbor Master duty Officers

c) Port State Control Officers

The Department of State Control and Supervision of the Port is responsible for overseeing the safety of navigation in the respective port, supervision and control of the ships in the port in accordance with the “Ports Rules”; As well as control over the fulfillment of the requirements set by international agreements of Maldivian legislation by vessels arrived in the port of Republic of Maldives (within the BS MOU).