A Marine Maldives (MSA) final examination is the last stage of your assessment before gaining your certificate. A final examination is an oral examination that is designed to determine whether you are competent to safely perform all of the duties relevant to your certificate. The examiner will ask you questions about topics that relate to the certificate you are attempting to gain and may also ask you to use sketches or drawings to help explain your answers. Arranging the examination, Your examination must be conducted by an examiner who has been approved by the Director of MSA for the grade of certificate you are attempting.

An appropriate examiner and examination date will normally be arranged through your training provider. If this is not the case, contact MSA by emailing seafarers@marinemaldives-govt.net. You are expected to have completed all of the required sea service for your certificate before arranging your examination, unless there are special circumstances applying to your situation. If sea service is not complete, you may discuss the reasons with MSA and your training provider. Your case will be assessed with regard to whether it is appropriate for you to sit your examination. You will need to provide your examiner with information and material before the examination date. This includes evidence from your training provider stating whether or not you have passed or failed any assessments or examinations that formed part of the training toward your certificate. If you have completed a training record book for the certificate you are attempting, the examiner will need to review this before the examination (along with all your written assignments and drawings). You should ensure that all of this material has been completed to a high standard. Please note that your training record book and related material should have been assessed and confirmed as satisfactory before being sent to the examiner.

Assessment and submission of your training record book is normally arranged through your training provider. All required information and material must be submitted at least 10 days before the intended examination date, unless an alternative arrangement is made with your examiner. At the examination, you will need to present the examiner with photographic proof of your identify (a current passport or a Maldives driver licence). For General guidance Preparation, You should ensure that you are as well prepared as possible for your examination. MSA recommends that you: • familiarize yourself with the required competencies for the examination grade you are attempting. Your training provider will be able to guide you, and you can refer to the competency frameworks provided on the Marine Maldives website. •

Participate in mock oral examinations with training course lecturers or your peers. This will help you become familiar with the examination environment and procedure, especially if you have not previously taken an oral examination. Training providers can usually give guidance about the types of questions that are likely to arise.

Final Examinations:

If you have not reached the required standard, the examiner will advise you of the area(s) in which you have shown weakness to assist you in preparation for a subsequent examination. The relevant examination documentation will be forwarded to MSA. You may not re-sit the examination for at least three weeks and may arrange to have a different examiner for the re-examination. If the examiner finds that you fall well below the expected standard, you may be required to complete up to six months’ extra sea service and / or additional training before re-examination is permitted. Any such extra training requirements will be at the discretion of the examiner, and MSA will be informed accordingly. Language of the examination will be conducted in the English language and the examiner will need to be satisfied with your level of understanding of English. This includes sufficient understanding with respect to the performance of duties. If the examiner is not satisfied with your level of understanding, the examination may be halted. In this situation, MSA will be advised of your details and your case will be assessed accordingly. For more information, visit the MSA website or email seafarers@marinemaldives-govt.net.

Guidance for candidates to attend the examination:
Make sure you arrive in good time for the examination and are wearing clothing that shows you are approaching the examination in a responsible and respectful manner. You will need to show the examiner your photo identification (current passport or driver license) before the examination begins. Once your identity has been verified, your examiner should confirm with you the grade of examination to be conducted. During the examination, if you become ill, or feel that for any reason you cannot proceed, you should notify the examiner immediately. The examiner is entitled to cancel or stop the examination at any stage if he or she finds adequate reason to do so. This includes finding your behavior or conduct inappropriate. If an examination is cancelled or stopped early, the examination result can be recorded as a failure and MSA will be notified of the relevant details. Unless you have already done so, you should determine the amount to be paid for the examination and the arrangements for making this payment. You should exercise care when exchanging money and the examiner will advise you accordingly. Concluding the examination Once you have completed the examination, the examiner will tell you whether or not you have reached the standard required to pass the examination and will forward the required documentation to MSA.