Crew Articles of Agreement

Crew Articles of Agreement

The Crew Articles of Agreement (Crew Agreement) to be used on board Republic of Maldives ships are as shown here. Owners & Masters should familiarize themselves with Part V of the Merchant Shipping Act Cap. 7.05 and especially the sections relating to Engagement & Discharge of Crews and Wages.


Maldives MSAReg are obliged to check the validity of certificates issued by other states of seafarers serving on our ships.

In accordance with Regulation I/10 of the STCW Convention 1995, Paragraph 1.1 MSAReg will ensure that individual foreign certificates are valid and authentic by making necessary checks with the issuing government.

If a certificate is advised by the issuing government to be fraudulent / forged / invalid then the Maritime Registrar / Ship Owner / Managers will be notified accordingly. In this case, no Certificate of Endorsement will be issued. The Ship Owners / Managers will be told to remove the seafarer from the duties he was employed to undertake and to remove him from the ship at the next available port.

As per Regulation I/5, Paragraph 3.3

“A person who has obtained by fraud or forged documents an engagement to perform any function or serve in any capacity required by these regulations to be performed or filled by a person holding a certificate or dispensation.”


If you lose or damage your CDC or COE, please read the following instructions to ensure there are no delays in gaining a replacement.

Please get in touch with MSAReg, the Maritime Registrar or Ship Owners as soon as possible for the document to be cancelled which will enable you to obtain a replacement. There is a fee for issuing replacement documents.

To apply for a replacement:

Please fill in Application Form A15 and indicate in the box provided under “Type of Application” that you require a replacement or renewal. Please also fill in box no 52 explaining the reasons for the missing documents.

Maldives MSAReg shall then endeavor to get these replacement documents to you as soon as possible.